If you are looking for the puff embroidery and digitizing services and puff embroidery in town then going with the option of digitizing direct is going to be an all-rounder for your business. We deal with the specially create digitizing for the 3D puffs and embroidery font digitizing. The affordable and cheaply done customization within the quality and reliability of work, digitizing direct offers you great pricing package and offers as well which you definitely would not like to turn down.

3d puff Embroidery digitizing service makes your design stand out – literally, the raised puffy effect is achieved by inserting high-density embroidery foam behind the stitches. To do this you need to have a specially digitizing puff embroidery design and embroidery foam. The 3D puff embroider design first creates an outline of the area where you need to place the foam. The machine will do custom trims and stops.

After placing the foam, you restart the machine and it will do a high-density and high-quality satin stitch on the foam. once the 3D puff embroidery design is done you can peel off the extra bits and use a hot air gun on the embroidery to finish it off. The end result will be a raised best dimensional logo that looks amazing. Isn’t that everything you could ever ask for from any puff embroidery digitizing maker?


Now that you have an idea of 3d puff embroidery designs here is a list of the important information you should know before you order a affordable & high-quality 3d puff digitizer logo. Choose the 3d puff embroidery area carefully. For the 3d puff digitizer to stand out – something has to sit down so if there is any fill in your logo and it has satin on top of the logo please don’t try to get the fill as digitizing puff embroidery – let the fill be flat in normal stitches so that the satin can stand out

Try and avoid 3d puff for thin and small areas. Think about it – the only reason the 3d puff stands out is that you are trapping the high-density foam behind your stitches. If the stitched object is too thin the foam will always poke out and ruin the quality and finish of your logo

You cannot use just any foam, 3d puff embroidery foam is specially designed so that the excess foam can quickly tear away. If the quality of the foam or you use the wrong foam it will leave gappy rubber chunks on the edge of your stitched objects

In some cases, your design will still show foam bits sticking out – you can use wooden toothpicks or thin tweezers to poke them in and you may use a hot air gun lightly on the finished embroidery. The embroidery foam has a very low melting point and the hot air allows it to melt slightly thereby giving your final 3D puff embroidery design a professional finish. Be careful with the hot air temperature as it might damage your garment if it is too hot out there.


Digitizing puff Embroidery is beautiful and exotic in its 2D sense and looks fascinating as is. However, its poignancy and effect increase manifold if and when done utilizing the option of Puff embroidery Digitizing. 3D puff embroidery design although gained prominence just to emphasize embroidery on caps with sports-based logos, have moved onto other accessories and garments like shirts, trousers, jackets, dresses to bags, pouches and purses, to meet the fashion forward demands and liking of the consumers of today.

Digitizing puff embroidery can be done for the overall design or in conjunction with the traditional form of machine embroidery (flat / 2D) to show levels and definition within the design by focusing on specific elements to puff out in the finalized design. The process is simple enough as it is digitized in a way that the machine makes an outline for the embroiderer to place the 3D foam on (the element that makes the embroidery puff out) and the rest of the embroidery is carried on like every other machine embroidery process.

Our technically sound and highly skilled 3d puff digitizers can turn any and all of your designs into highly effective and super quality 3d Puff Embroidery digitized designs, all according to the specifications provided to us by the customer when submitting the design. Customers can further identify in the 3d puff embroidery digitizing services, in which specific areas they would like to have the under to make it the standout point of the overall design and the finalized embroidery design will be delivered to the customer in the format, readily executable by their specific embroidery machines.

For high quality and extremely economically priced customized puff embroidery digitizing and other such puff embroidery digitizing services, get in touch with us right away by filling in the form on the right side of the page

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Digitizing puff embroidery is widely used during custom hat embroidery digitizing. It makes the best design prominent which stands out even from a distance. During digitizing puff embroidery design, the magic behind the amazing creation lies in using foam as a base. As embroidery threads cover the foam entirely, it stands tall on the hat as an amazing 3D puff embroidery design.

In order to keep the foam hidden from sight, it is customized with the color of the thread. For a neat and clean finish, the digitizing puff embroiderer must ensure he does not use a different colored foam that could shine from beneath. The puffy portion of the 3d puff embroidery design should be the last section when sewn. The first thing you need to do is, lay down a piece of 3D foam. Now make sure all the flat sections around it are sewn.

The needle penetrations make a hole in the foam. Upon completion of the sewing, you will notice the excess is pulled away. Besides, being the last sewn segment, the portion of the 3d puff embroidery design that needs to be raised in appearance should be bulky so that the foam can work its magic. We only satin stitch here. Use width between 3 mm and 11 mm, depending upon the design. We use alphabet text as a point to commence the process for puff letters. But due to traditional methods of alphabet letter embroidery, they will need to be modified first to work with foam and avoid open ends.


At digitizing direct, we have successfully digitized the capped ends, we can finally proceed with digitizing the final top satin stitch. If you are looking for the reliable yet pocket-friendly options of the 3D puff digitizing then choosing the digitizing direct would help you in standing out from the crowd. In this modern era, when people are fan of digitizing stuff, you can rely on digitizing direct to bring you all the lights. Isn’t it simply great?

At absolute digitizing, we have the best professional 3d puff digitizers in the industry. Our experience spans over a decade and we have successfully completed thousands of designs with perfection as well as super quality. If you are looking for 3D Puff embroider Digitizing services for your cap or hat, you have reached the right place. We can provide you professional custom puff embroidery digitizing services in cheap and affordable price via our digitizing designers. You can contact us with your design for a final quote and enjoy flawless digitizing within a few hours only.

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